Ways to earn money playing games online

Today with the gaming industry booming there are many ways that one can make just by playing games. This is the dream job for many players. But, to get paid the big bucks, it is important that one learns different ways to get started with improving their expertise. Here are some ways you can get actual money while playing online games in 9club.


This is a legit website which allows people to do tasks which involves playing games. This is a website which gives tasks from answering simple questions, watching videos, shopping or other things which can be fun. You can participate in many daily promotions for video games which help you get a great experience and allows you to start earning in http://www.9club6.com/th/.

Inbox Dollars

This is one website which allows you to earn cash which can be the best option for playing online games. All you have to do is sign-in without any payment and get to playing the games. The website also offers a lot of games which you can choose to play in. For the games that you play, you will be given around $10 per day, which can help you make the right progress.

Inbox Dollars

Point Club

Point club is a very popular platform which can give you a lot of tasks which is very similar to playing games online. You have to play certain games, take surveys and more to gain experience. There is one condition that you have to be more than 13 years old to access to the game and it is important that you provide the right email address and you will instantly receive $5 for just signing up.

Bingo Mania

This game is for those who like bingo which can give you the right opportunities to earn some money by playing bingo online. You will have to start by earning $1, and as you gain experience, you will increase until you are declared the winner.



This site is for beginners where for the first five days you will have to view ads to collect the tokens. You will have to participate in various games and try to earn money from them. You can easily earn up to $10,000 prize money which can be paid for you to be the lucky winner. The more you win, the more the chances of you getting the prize money.


This is considered to be one of the most popular free web-based gaming websites which allow you rewards for playing and winning. You can get the GV rewards and turn it into cash and also get exciting prizes. Gamesville offers a lot of pure cash competition for individuals who also do not want to earn the GV rewards.