Terms and Conditions

For business transactions between the operator and the person seeking contact (hereinafter referred to as “participants”), the following terms and conditions apply (hereinafter referred to as terms and conditions). By signing up for the domain liebefix.de, operated by K2IT Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH, Hamburg (hereinafter referred to as ‘operator’), you agree to the general terms and conditions listed here. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you must refrain from registering. Persons who are not at least 16 years of age may not use this service.

The following terms and conditions determine the behavioral measures of members and users of the platform liebefix.de, as well as all domains that refer to the offer of liebefix.de, in the following called liebefix. The use of the service is subject exclusively to the following terms and conditions.

By registering, you acknowledge (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”) that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and accept them. The participant accepts the terms and conditions in which he has read the statement, the terms and conditions and have agreed to this on the Internet by marking the associated checkbox.

Subject of the Terms

The operator offers its participants under the Internet domain liebefix.de in the Internet access to a profile database, which under different, the operator belonging domains, including the domain “liebefix.de”, which is used in the following representative of all domains , is available and with the aid of which the participants can get to know each other.

The participant has the possibility to register and to look for other persons as a participant in the profile database. The operator does not guarantee a successful contact. The operator merely provides the platform. The operator is not liable if no contact is made or has come. The basis of the agreement is the inclusion in the profile database of the operator or the administration of the customer data for the respective duration of the individual membership. The contract is considered completed as soon as the participant has successfully registered with liebefix.de. The participant will be informed of the conclusion of the contract by e-mail.

Responsibility and obligations of the participant

The participant is solely responsible for the content of his registration and thus for the information he provides about himself. The participant assures that the given data are true and describe him personally. The participant declares to the operator to be at least 16 years old. The operator is entitled to check the personal details of the participant on the basis of suitable official papers. The participant therefore warrants to the operator to provide the operator on request with copies of official documents – in particular the identity card.

The operator offers its services exclusively for private, not for commercial purposes. By registering, each participant undertakes to use the services only for private purposes.

The participant is liable to the operator as well as to third parties for all damages caused by the specification of false, falsified or not belonging to the user’s texts, pictures, photos, films, sounds and other data. The participant is liable for all damages caused by improper transfer of data transmitted to or transmitted by him. The participant is responsible for the correctness of his data. The operator is not liable for damages, consequential damages, losses or disadvantages caused by the misrepresentation of another participant. The Participant undertakes to indemnify and hold the Operator harmless from any type of action, damage, loss or claim that may arise from his or her registration and / or participation in this Service.

In particular, the Participant agrees to indemnify the Operator from any liability and from any obligations, expenses and claims arising from damages for libel, insult, violation of personal rights, failure of Services to Participants, infringement of any intellectual property or other rights to indemnify.

Furthermore, each participant releases the operator from any liability and from all obligations arising from all claims and costs, in particular damages for libel, insult, violation of personal rights, failure of services for participants, infringement of intellectual property or other rights. resulting from a breach of these terms and conditions. The costs incurred by the service or its officers, directors, employees, representatives and / or third parties in this regard for the proper defense and prosecution of third parties shall be borne by the participant.

The participant further affirms that he has no business intentions and does not use the data entrusted to him by third parties for commercial or advertising purposes. A commercial or commercial use of the service is prohibited to the participant. The service is intended exclusively for private familiarization. The Participant is required to keep confidential all emails, other messages and data obtained in connection with the use of the liebefix database and not to make them accessible to third parties without the consent of the author. The same applies to names, telephone and fax numbers, residential, e-mail addresses and / or URLs. The forwarding of any data other than your own data is also prohibited.

Furthermore, each participant undertakes not to misuse the service offered by the operator, in particular not to use it in order to:

– distribute defamatory, offensive, pornographic or otherwise unlawful material or such information;

– to threaten, harass or violate the rights (including personal rights) of others to other persons;

– upload data that a) contains a virus (infected software) or b) contains software or other material that is protected by copyright or industrial property rights, unless the participant holds the respective rights or has the necessary consents to use them the software or the material;

– adversely affect the availability of offers to other subscribers, in whatever way;

– intercept or attempt to intercept emails;

– to send e-mails to subscribers for purposes other than personal communication, including not to promote or offer goods or services to other subscribers (except where expressly permitted by the operator);

– to send messages for a commercial purpose;

– to publish pictures, texts or other with pornographic content;

– in the personal description / personal description (profile) to name names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, especially e-mail addresses or URLs.

– To promise or demand money or monetary benefits.

– to send chain letters.

– to send messages for a commercial purpose;

Regardless of possible civil and criminal consequences for the individual participant, disregarding any of the above behavioral obligations entitles the operator to terminate the membership without notice and to immediately block the access of the participant concerned to the database system liebefix.de.

If there is evidence of improper or unlawful use, the operator has the right to block the data entered by the participants and to block the access of the user immediately. In cases of doubt, the operator has the final decision on the admissibility of the use in question.

Insofar as the participant associates business interests with his registration and / or uses the data entrusted to him by third parties for commercial purposes and thereby violates one or more of the conduct obligations specified in these terms and conditions, he undertakes to pay the operator a contractual penalty of EUR 5,001. 00 for each proven infringement. Further claims for damages remain unaffected.

The operator expressly draws the participant’s attention to the fact that the data protection for data transmissions in open networks such as the Internet can not be comprehensively guaranteed according to the state of the art. The participant is aware that for all subscribers in the transmission path of the Internet it is basically possible to gain knowledge of data transmitted without authorization. The participant accepts this risk. The participant therefore takes care of the security of the data transmitted by him to the internet.


The use of the services of the operator database accessible to the subscriber is free of charge, unless the subscriber is informed of a cost obligation before using a service. The costs of the paid services and the method of payment are explained with the respective paid services.

Data Use and Transfer The operator requires to operate the services offered by him some data of the participant. The participant agrees to the use of personal data required for the use of the services of the operator, necessary for their implementation.

The participant agrees that his personal data are electronically stored and evaluated by the operator. The operator is entitled, in the context of the purpose of the services, to process the personal data entrusted to him in compliance with the data protection conditions or to have them processed by third parties.

The operator is entitled to pass on pseudonyms of the participants with their consent to other participants, which allows a personal exchange of messages between the participants. However, the pseudonyms do not reveal the identity (name, address, telephone number, e-mail) of an individual subscriber.

The participant agrees that the operator uses personal data for the purposes of consulting, advertising, market research and needs-based design of the services and processes them or by third parties. The operator may also transmit this data to its partners, branches and third parties for the purpose of use and processing for the needs-based design of the services. With the registration the participant declares his consent to the data usage regulated in these terms and conditions.

The participant agrees with the registration with the use of his data described in these Terms and Conditions. Upon request, the operator will provide the participant with complete and free information about the stored data, as far as the participant is concerned.

By completing the forms, the participant revocably agrees to the storage of his data entered in the database of the operator, as well as for publication, unless a publication is not expressly excluded. Personal data will be kept confidential and will only be published within the scope of the scope shared by the participant on the profile form and its advertisements. The participant assures that he does not want to harm anyone with his participation.

The participant agrees to receive in individual cases with the transmission of cipher letters own advertisement of the operator and other advertising of third party companies. The participant agrees that the operator sends advertising via the service offered by him to the respective participant.

The participant agrees that his data can be used not only by the operator himself – no matter which domain – but also by his co-operation partners for the purpose of contact mediation on the internet. The partners can gain access to the profile database of the operator in compliance with the applicable data protection law and within the framework of these GTC. The operator is further entitled to commission third party service providers and vicarious agents with the provision of parts or the entire range of services, insofar as this does not disadvantage the participant.

In accordance with §33 Abs. 1 BDSG and §4 Teledienst-Datenschutz-Verordnung, it is hereby informed that the operator automatically processes and stores the data of the users in machine-readable form.


All rights to programs, data, databases, services, procedures, software, techniques, technologies, trademarks, trade names, inventions and all materials belonging to the operator are the sole responsibility of the operator. The operator owns all copyrights to the rights mentioned above.

The use of all programs and the content, materials, trademarks and trade names contained therein is only permitted for the purposes stated in these terms and conditions. Reproduction of the programs, services, procedures, etc. (for whatever purpose) is prohibited.

Dissolution of the contract

The participant has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time. However, the participant has no right to a refund of the fees paid to the operator. Intentionally or fraudulently made misstatements may result in civil action. This will result in immediate termination without any refund.

The operator is entitled to discontinue all or part of the services offered at any time.


The operator disclaims all liability for any financial, physical or other damages that may be associated with this service. Furthermore, the operator can not be held responsible for incorrect information in the registrations of the participants, nor for technically justified transmission delays or failures. The operator assumes no liability for the possible misuse of information. The information provided by the participants has not been verified.

Furthermore, the operator is not liable for the unauthorized knowledge of third parties of personal data of participants (for example, by an unauthorized access of “hackers” to the database). The operator is also not liable for the fact that information and information that the participants themselves have made available to third parties are abused by them.

The operator is entitled, but not obliged, to check the content of any text and submitted photos or graphic files for compatibility with the general laws or these terms and conditions and, if necessary, to change or delete the contents. In the case of abuse, the operator reserves the right to exclude individual participants from using the service, especially if immoral, obscene or right-wing extremist content is to be disseminated.

The operator provides a profile database in which participants can check matches with other participants and can contact participants within the scope of the proposed services. The operator has no control over the accuracy and security of information exchanged between users or the users in their profiles. The operator therefore can not assume any responsibility for this information. Liability for this is excluded in any case.

The operator also assumes no liability for the accuracy of the search results, even in combination with the exclusion criteria. Participants may, even if this is not permitted, enter incorrect information or use the liebefix.de system for any other illegal or unlawful means. For the inadmissible or unlawful use of the liebefix.de system, any liability of the operator is excluded. Furthermore, the operator assumes no liability for the correctness of the created profiles and their evaluation, especially with regard to the compatibility with other participants.

The operator does not guarantee the proper operation at all times or the uninterrupted usability or accessibility of the service. There is no legal claim to the availability of the service. The operator assumes no liability for the uninterrupted availability of the system and for system-related failures, interruptions and malfunctions of the technical systems and services of liebefix.de. In particular, the operator is not liable for disruptions in the quality of access to the service of liebefix.de due to force majeure or due to events that the operator is not responsible for, in particular the failure of communication networks and gateways.

For damages that do not occur due to the aforementioned causes, the operator is only liable for intent and gross negligence of his organs, employees and vicarious agents and only in the relationship in which he contributed to the cause of the damage in relation to other causes. The operator is liable for simple negligence only if an organ, employee or vicarious agent of the operator has violated a contractual obligation. The liability is limited to the typical damage. Moreover, liability is excluded.

 contract amendment

Contract amendments, additions and side agreements require, to the extent that these Terms and Conditions of Business are not otherwise specified, to be effective in writing. The written form requirement also applies to the waiver of this formal requirement. Divergent regulations and in particular conditions of the participant that contradict these terms and conditions are only valid if the operator agrees in writing. There are no verbal collateral agreements.

The operator is entitled to change the terms and conditions at any time. On newer versions of the terms and conditions will be separately and clearly visible in the Internet on the liebefix.de domain. For this purpose, instead of enclosing the complete text, a reference to the address on the Internet, under which the new version is available, is sufficient. If such changes are not objected to in writing within one month of delivery, they shall be deemed accepted. In this respect, the participant commits himself by submitting the application, to regularly pay attention to corresponding instructions and to take note of newer versions. In the context of an existing business relationship, the GTC are valid, even if it is not referenced in a single transaction.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The legal relationships between participants and operators are governed exclusively by German law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising in connection with the operator is, as far as legally permissible, the seat of the operator. The seat of the operator is Hamburg.

 Severability clause

If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become invalid, ineffective, incomplete or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain effective. In place of the invalid provision, a legally binding provision which is as close as possible to its economic purpose and purpose is agreed. The same applies to the addition of the contract in the event that the agreement reached should have gaps.