Reasons Why Flying Is Way Better Than Going On The Road

I took a road trip even though I was given the choice of going on a flight and in this guide; I have listed out some reasons why you should take a flight instead of driving to your destination. Everything that I will be listing out is completely based on personal experiences. After my trip, I ended up thinking, “driving instead of sitting peacefully on a flight, what was I thinking?”

I took the opinions of some people who were going with me, and they said driving would be more economical and adventurous. I can agree that certainly is very adventurous but, it was certainly not more economical. Some people make it out to be a romance fest where you are surrounded by beautiful trees and also some restaurants here and there. Well, that was not the case, we had to drive almost 200 miles without a rest stop, and we literally got lost once and also it was hell without a restroom for so long. All I am saying is that if we had taken a flight, we would not have had to face so many hardships. Here are some reasons why you should definitely fly the next time you are thinking of going on a vacation.


  • Road trips actually cost more than you would think and sometimes it would even cost more than what a plane ticket would cost.
  • Remember, when you are factoring in the costs, you should factor in the fact that a road trip would require you to go two ways, to the destination and from the destination to your home. You should factor in all of the costs like fuel, food, rest stop charges, best play mats for hardwood floor and more.
  • You should also keep in mind best play mats for floor that when you are going to be putting in a lot of effort as well. The effort that you put in will be factored into the driving, and everything else that requires your attention on a road trip. Driving does actually take up a lot of your energy.

lot of your energy.

  • When you drive, you will come across many fast food joints. You will eat unhealthy food. These joints are there to serve you food that has a lot of calories, and it is not recommended that you eat them. In some cases, you will actually be so hungry that you will not know what else to eat.
  • You may even ruin your clothes.
  • When you are driving in a car, when you are either the driver, or you are being driven, you will realize that you are cramped and uncomfortable as well.
  • If you fly, you can use your time in a better way.