About Us

What are Lovechips?

At Liebefix, each member has so-called Love Chips. These love chips are virtual chips that a member can give to another member. Only when a member has received at least one Lovechip from another member can a contact be made. Nobody has to be afraid of Liebefix being “attacked” by strangers. Each member gets a starting balance of 10 Lovechips. Each week, each member receives another Lovechip.

Can I see the mailing address of other members?

The email addresses of our members are generally not visible to other members. Only if you have received at least one Lovechip from other members, you can contact them via Liebefix. This will give you your e-mail address. Only when the contacted member decides on an answer do you see the e-mail address of the other member.

Do I need a separate e-mail address?

Yes, to participate in Liebefix you need an e-mail address. If you have no e-mail address still lookin ‘at once the free providers of e-mail addresses on the Web to, eg GMX or Web.de . As an e-mail program that can be used free of charge, we recommend Pegasus Mail . There is an unofficial German-language website and the original English-language website for this well-known mailer.

Where do I find the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are stored online and can be read directly on the web.

Who is behind Liebefix?

The Liebefix platform is operated by the K2IT Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH, a software company based in Hamburg. You can look at the website of K2IT GmbH on http://www.k2it.de ; Also the imprint , which also applies to Liebefix, you will find there.

Can I contact the Liebefix team by phone?

As a rule, an email to Liebefix is ​​sufficient. If you have questions that can not be answered via e-mail, you can use our hotline 0190 853 978, however, which causes telephone charges of EUR 1.86 per minute. Another telephone contact is unfortunately not possible for cost reasons.

Does the membership at Liebefix cost anything?

The membership on the Liebefix platform is completely free with the standard account (Level 0). However, we do not provide you with Internet access, etc. … 😉

What’s up with this separate ad banner at the beginning?

The Liebefix platform is a member of a so-called “banner community”, ie a community of websites that exchange banners. Who visits Liebefix, gets therefore over the Provider a banner of another side indicated; If you visit another page, you can see the Liebefix banner.

What is the question fix?

The question fix is ​​an online quiz about LoveChips. Here, members can answer random questions, similar to some TV shows with given answer options. In case of a correct answer, the playing member wins a LoveChip, in case of a wrong answer the member loses a LoveChip.

What’s up with these account levels?

The term “Account” means a membership in Liebefix, similar to an account at a bank. (“Account” is the English term for “account”). If you sign up for free, you will get an account level 0, ie a level 0 member account (“level” is the English term for “level, level, level, level”). Higher levels allow you more options. You can increase your account level after you have registered if you want.